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Blockchain Investigative Agency

Blockchain Investigative Agency with Head Office in Zürich, Switzerland is providing Blockchain Investigative Services and Solutions, Incident Response, Blockchain Forensics, Investment Fraud Response, Cryptocurrency Investigations Services.

Zürich, Switzerland

Region: Global, EMEA, UK, EU, Switzerland

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Blockchain Investigation Agency specializes in blockchain forensics and tracking Bitcoin, Ethereum,

and other cryptocurrencies in private, corporate, financial, and fraud investigations.


Blockchain Investigative Services and Solutions  - we are investigating transactions in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to help ransomware victims understand who the attacker is and perhaps how they can get their money back.

Incident Response - we identify and eliminate cyber-attacks. The goal of responding to an incident is to enable the organization to quickly detect and stop attacks, minimizing damage and preventing future attacks of the same type.

Blockchain Forensics -  Transaction Tracking and Investigation. Blockchain forensics and cryptocurrency forensics accounting involve both tracking and interpreting the flow of cryptocurrency assets on blockchains.

Investment Fraud Response - A partnership with an Investigative and Forensic Accountant (IFA) can prove to be your best asset in responding to investment fraud. 

Crypto Investigative Services and Solutions - Our Cryptocurrency Disputes, Investigations, and Litigation team is comprised of certified Bitcoin experts, certified blockchain experts, certified smart contract developers, and certified cryptocurrency investigators who work with legal teams to fully investigate blockchain or cryptocurrency claims.

-  Criminal and Civil Cases - Civil and Criminal Investigations must be conducted with the highest regard for sensitivity and legal obligations. Our attention to detail. We will always ensure that evidence is gathered via legal means and in a way that means it is admissible in court.

- Financial Investigations (Investigation of financial matters, including theft, embezzlement, money laundering, business finances, personal assets, missing assets, taxes, and insurance claims).

- Fraud Investigations (Services to determine if fraud has occurred and to collect evidence of any fraud that is identified).

- Online Fraud Investigations (Services to determine if online fraud has occurred e.g. broker fraud, investment fraud, bitcoin fraud, CEO fraud, etc., and to collect evidence of any fraud that is identified).

- Forensic Investigations (Application of scientific techniques in the investigation of crimes, including auditing, computer investigations and crime scene investigation).

- Internet Investigation, Online Investigations, Cyber Investigations 

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