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Securely Swiss is a web service connected with great vetted security & investigations service providers, after describing your need, mandate, case or project, you will be contacted by one top service provider to present and provide the solutions needed.

Get the #1 Swiss Security & Investigations Solutions from vetted private security, safety, investigative, business intelligence and other problem solver company. Our offering service is free.

Reduce last mile costs, time loss, back-and-forth emails, save your energy, and make branded customers experiences with customer excellence from Swiss problem solvers. Your message will go to only one of the best service providers, which will be the best solution provider for your request, need or project. 

Securely’s platform connects and digitizes your entire last mile ecosystem, engineering competitive fulfilment services based on your own needs, goals and KPIs.

Zürich-City, Switzerland
Region: Global, EMEA, UK, EU, Switzerland
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Area of Security Management, Security Services, and Investigations


 - Security Solutions - Outsourcing Security; Safety & Security of your Family. Swiss Security Solutions provides security solutions, security and investigative services, and systems to serve, protect and assist individuals and businesses. 

Investigation & Intelligence Services - Detective and investigative activities - Commercial and private detectives investigate discreetly, efficiently, professionally, and successfully throughout Switzerland and around the world. 

- Cyber Solutions as Cybersecurity, Cyber Safety, Cyber Investigations, Cyber Intel

Security Management Services  & Chief Security Officer (CSO) Services - This includes areas such as IT and information security, organizational and physical security, internal investigations, occupational safety, and health protection, as well as electronic and mechanical security devices. The Chief Security Officer (CSO) is a GL member and an important part of the security organization. 

Security Advisory & Consultancy - Risk Assessment & Risk Management, Security Design, Critical Engineering. 

Safety Services - Audit HSE, occupational safety & health protection, fire protection, EVAK, SIBE service. We support you in the implementation of safety solutions (occupational safety and health protection) in all phases of development and implementation: from the concept phase, with consulting services as well as training and further education, with regard to safety audits and HSE audits.

Mobile Patrol Services - Territory and patrol duty, control rounds, closing rounds, opening rounds. In the security area, the activity of a security employee who has to monitor several objects, buildings, and outdoor facilities according to a district plan (technical instruction) is referred to as district service or district surveillance. 

- Event Security - Event & Party Security Services including security concept. Private security companies can be called in for security and security services. We are at your disposal as a competent partner for the planning of beautiful, more successful, and safer events/parties as well as for security and order.

School Festival Security - School Party Safety Services - Safety Concept & Youth Protection Concept. The organizer must ensure order and safety within the school festival area and in the immediate vicinity. Private security companies can be called in for security and security services.

Retail Security & Loss Prevention - Security solutions in the retail industry - Protect customers and employees to prevent inventory losses. Swiss Security Solutions supports you in customer contacts, internal affairs, service areas, and entry and exit points.

Executive & Close Protection Services - Personal protection (residential, workplace & transport) - The personal protection measures of Swiss Security Solutions GmbH could be offered and guaranteed in connection with escort protection, VIP care, and event security.

Children & Youth Driving and Protection Services - Child and youth protection (leisure time, escort, driving service & school place).  The child and youth protection measures of Swiss Security Solutions GmbH could, for example, be offered and guaranteed in connection with the driving service, escort (escort), care, leisure protection, home safety, and protection during an event.

Audit of Facility Management - Audit of Facility Management & Audit of Security / Safety Services.  Do you need a review of facility management operations and execution processes, reporting, external security services, fire & EVAK, and legal compliance?

Travel Risk Management - travel risks, travel advice & travel management for foreign countries. The travel risks and travel advice for trips abroad including travel risk management correspond to the current situation assessment of the FDFA and a large number of travel risk management intelligence information.  

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