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Privatdetektiv Zürich

Privatdetektiv Zürich is a premier private investigative agency, providing affordable and discreet investigations throughout Switzerland and globally.

Zürich, Switzerland

Region: Global, EMEA, UK, EU, Switzerland

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Area of Private Investigations and Intelligence


- Asset Tracing & Asset Recovery - (Services to assist with the location of missing or hidden assets and their recovery).

- Background Investigations (Investigation of individuals to determine or verify their past personal history, including employment and criminal history and adverse media)

- Business Investigations (Investigation of businesses and corporations and their operations for purposes including verifying the legitimacy of business operations, identifying problems within a business or with its employees or assets, investigation of possible espionage or misconduct by companies or competitors, or due diligence for planned business mergers and acquisitions).

- Civil Investigations (The investigation of persons, incidents, and activity that may be relevant to civil (non-criminal) disputes or litigation).

- Crime Scene Investigations (Analysis or review of crime scenes, and the collection and analysis of evidence).

- Criminal Investigations (A criminal investigation locates, collects, and gathers evidence of a crime for a case or specific purpose.  There are various forms of evidence we could provide you. We are working also as undercover investigators).

- Domestic Investigations (You deserve to know if your loved one is involved with another person. They are providing a professionally written report and photographic documentation in every domestic and matrimonial investigation).

- Due Diligence (Investigation that occurs prior to a transaction, such as a merger or acquisition, to identify erroneous, misleading or false information prior to the entry into a contract, business relationship or transaction)

- Electronic Countermeasures (Services to locate listening devices and hidden cameras, and to prevent eavesdropping and electronic surveillance).

- Electronic Discovery (Services for the identification, acquisition, management and analysis of electronic information within the context of litigation).

- Financial Investigations (Investigation of financial matters, including theft, embezzlement, money laundering, business finances, personal assets, missing assets, taxes and insurance claims).

- Fraud Investigations (Services to determine if fraud has occurred and to collect evidence of any fraud that is identified).

- Identity Theft Investigations (Investigation of incidents of identity theft and/or online identity theft).

- Online Fraud Investigations (Services to determine if online fraud has occurred e.g. broker fraud, investment fraud, bitcoin fraud, ceo-fraud etc.  and to collect evidence of any fraud that is identified).

- Skip Tracing / Locating Persons and Business (Services for the location of missing persons and persons believed to be deceased, including their location and skip tracing,  the location of parties and witnesses to litigation, and the service of judicial process upon those individuals or businesses). 

- Surveillance Investigations (Services to monitor individuals or locations to document the identity and location of persons, interactions between people, or the conduct of people within the observed area.).

- Property Damage Investigations (Investigation of incidents involving damage to property, and efforts to identify causation, responsible parties, potential liability, and defenses to liability claims).

- Repossession Investigations (Investigation of incidents involving damage to property, and efforts to identify causation, responsible parties, potential liability, and defences to liability claims).

- Retail Investigations (Services to assist retailers, including mystery shopper services, security and assistance with loss prevention). 

- Trial Preparation Investigations so-called Legal Investigations (Services to assist law firms and litigants with their preparation for trial, including the collection and evaluation of evidence, investigation, witness preparation, and forensics).

- Forensic Investigations (Application of scientific techniques in the investigation of crimes, including auditing, computer investigations and crime scene investigation).

- Internet Investigation, Online Investigations, Cyber Investigations 

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